We submitted a request to Savannah’s Clerk of Council for all 2019 campaign finance filings made by candidates for Mayor and City Councilmember. Clerk Mark Massey provided PDFs of all records filed. We then uploaded those PDFs to Google Drive and made them publicly available here.
Because Mayor DeLoach, Alderwoman Bell, and Alderman Durrence entered 2019 with substantial balances in their campaign accounts, we then requested additional years of filings related to their campaigns so you will find more data in their folders.

To verify the records or request additional data you can contact Clerk Massey at mmassey@savannahga.gov or 912.651.6441.

Update: A citizen who wishes to remain anonymous has provided us with photographs of the original 2015 campaign finance filings. Paper copies of those records were provided by the clerk 4 years ago and photographed. We have done our best to collate the photos into combined PDFs of each report. Some pages were missing, including cover pages, but almost everything is there – hundreds of pages of filings. Our PDF collator can only handle 20 pages at once, so larger filings are split between multiple PDFs.